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Beragh Red Knights GAA

It’s been a hectic month at GymEx with club installs and here is the latest project we have been working on.

Beragh decided to go with our new six post free standing rack with weight storage & personalised plates ⚡️ This rack allows two individuals use the rack at once

We added 90 1x1m squared tiles through the facility which also got 10x2 Red Astro turf running along the back walls for them dreaded prowler finishers 😩

GymEx supplied 6 new barbells along with 600kg of GymEx plates & four flat and adjustable benches! Not to forget we also added the Nordic curl attachment and Landmines attachment to the rack for more exercises!

GHD (Glute hamstring developer) were also fitted and Beragh also decided to go with cardio equipment such as a concept 2 RowErg, BikeErg and SkiErg which is shown off in the gallery below by Mattie McSorley 🤟



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