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Castlederg GAC Fitout

Castlederg GAC built a brand new, fully kitted, strength and conditioning centre at their club grounds in 2020. We worked alongside the club to help plan, manufacture and install the perfect lifting setup. The goal was to have a gym fit for all strength and conditioning needs of the club, giving the club members a dedicated space to train and focus on strength and conditioning, thus, boosting their performances on the pitch.

The centre features a double bay floor mounted rack with our wall ball attachment and our smart storage solution for kettlebells, foam rollers and other lifting accessories . We installed rubber tiling throughout the space and a red 20 metre astro lane for all the prowler work. To add a bit of class, we finished the rack in the club colours and had five custom floor tiles installed with the Castlederg GAC crest.

The club also chose our dumbbell storage solution with our free standing barbell organiser, along with numerous Gymex accessories and attachments for the racks, including our ever so popular dip-bar and landmine attachments.

Feeling inspired? Want to know more? Check out our Instagram to see other club fit outs, we also have some home setups that might interest you.


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