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Gym Flooring: Tips to keep it clean

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

We understand the importance of ensuring you have a clean and professional set up in your gym facility, sometimes gym flooring can be the biggest headache. So here are a few tips in order to help keep it clean:

Tip #1 - Think before installing

Try ensure the flooring or assembling of any gym equipment is one of the last steps you take prior to opening your space, you don't want builders or joiners walking over your brand new mats and you having to constantly scrub until you get them back to a normal state again. This is a common mistake!

Tip #2 - Remove Dust or Debris

Firstly, before mopping - ensure you brush or hoover any dust or debris on your gym floor. There is nothing less attractive than lying face first on the floor of a gym, and getting a close up view of dirt. This will also make it a smoother process to mop your area. Removing dust or debri from your space will also prolong the original state of the tiles!

Tip #3 - Want to use chalk?

Be aware that in some instances chalk may be non-removable from your flooring. To be sure you are best trying this on one mat before using it in your space.

Tip #4 - What substance to use to clean your tiles?

We recommend cleaning your rubber tiles with just boiling water and a mop. However, if you feel the need to use cleaning chemicals - we recommend trialling this on one single tile prior to testing out the whole gym space. You do not want the whole gym space stained using the wrong chemicals in the mop bucket.

For a thorough clean use this below:

Boil 4 litres of water and add one cup of white vinegar.

Want to add gym flooring to your space?

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