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Introducing our Incline and Decline Bench with 7 Height Adjustments — the perfect solution for a dynamic and versatile workout experience. This bench is designed to provide you with the flexibility to target various muscle groups and achieve optimal training results. With its adjustable features and convenient design, it's an essential addition to your home or commercial gym.


Key Features:

  • Incline and Decline Positions: Our bench offers both incline and decline positions, allowing you to target different muscle groups with precision. From incline presses to decline flyes, this bench provides the versatility to perform a wide range of exercises, maximizing your workout potential.


  • Seven Height Adjustments: With its seven height adjustments, this bench caters to users of different heights and exercise preferences. Easily modify the bench angle to suit your specific needs and ensure proper form during your workouts. Achieve the optimal position for each exercise, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of your training routine.


  • Removable and Adjustable Footpad: The versatile footpad of our bench can be removed or adjusted to accommodate various workout styles. Whether you prefer a stable and secure foot placement or need additional support for specific exercises, this bench offers the flexibility to meet your requirements.


  • Adjustable Seat: The adjustable seat allows you to find the most comfortable and supportive position for your workouts. Whether you need a slight incline for targeting upper chest muscles or prefer a flat seat for other exercises, this bench ensures optimal positioning and comfort during your training sessions.


  • Transport Wheels and Handles: We understand the importance of convenience and mobility in your gym setup. This bench is equipped with transport wheels and handles, making it easy to move and store. Simply tilt and roll the bench to your desired location, saving you time and effort.


  • Sturdy and Durable Construction: Our bench is built to last, with a sturdy frame and high-quality materials. The construction ensures stability and safety, allowing you to focus on your workouts without worrying about the integrity of the bench. Invest in a bench that can withstand your toughest training sessions.


Upgrade your training routine with our Incline and Decline Bench

with 7 Height Adjustments. Experience the versatility and functionality that this bench offers, allowing you to target various muscle groups and achieve your fitness goals effectively. With its adjustable features, removable footpad, adjustable seat, and convenient transport wheels, this bench provides the perfect balance of comfort, versatility, and durability.


150cm long

48cm wide

Back rest pad - 94cm long x 31cm wide


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this bench suitable for a commercial gym?

Yes - these gym benches are perfect for any commercial gym. Many commercial gyms are using these benches.


Are these benches suitable for jumping on?

No - these benches must not be used in place of a plyo box


Can you decide what colour the bench is?

Yes - this may be at an additional cost for re coating. Contact us to find out more on this.

Elite Adjustable Bench

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