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75X75 Box

Secure with bolts to both wall and ground

Comes with an option to expand – perfect for commercial use

Powder coat finish – various colours available

Standard Nylon J-hooks included

Fully insured product


Note: One quantity is two working bays (each side). To add bays increase quantities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What J-Hooks come with this rack?

The Nylon J Hooks come with this rack, the nylon helps protect the barbell. 


What is the colour options for this type of rack?

See above for colour options - however, if there is a colour we don't have included contact one of our team to help assist you on this.


What is the standard lead time on a product like this?

Our standard lead time at the moment for dispatch or collection is 2-3 working days!


Do you supply bolts to mount the rack to the floor?

Unlike our standard GymEx rigs, these heavy duty squat rigs/racks come with the bolts to mount to the floor and wall if required.


Double Sided Rack

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